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I hate my heating... seriously!
When the heating turns on in the morning, the bathroom radiator (which lucky me can not be turned off) makes a knocking sound and it is loud enough to wake me. It is a constant knocking which then proceeds to keep me awake!! It is probably just air in the pipes but I dont know how to do that and they were only aired a year ago! pfft

So i was awake earlier then i wanted to be this morning. I was not cheery. I went to bed feeling sad and woke up feeling annoyed and sad! :P

on the work front: work sucks. completely.

thats the way... ah ah ... i like it.. ah ah ^^.
Just came home from the pub where I backed up SA with chants and screams. Make no mistake I was the only one there routing for SA and when the whistle blew, the silence echoed until i let out a HAR HAR by accident

i feel cabbaged though so going to chill on the sofa, i feel high of all things, i think it was all the fumes from the hair dressors today!

Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

Am loving the song called Apologize from Timberland, the album is pretty wicked
The song, its how I feel some days. Its too late to apologize.

I need someone to help me with my LJ to liven it up.. its so dull, id love to have a theme or something, anyone know of someone or something i could do?

Current Mood: sicksick

 I dont update because i have nothing to say ... i think. 
At the very most nothing interesting!

I am missing so many people at the moment and I dont know why, that I think about people Ive come into contact with at some point and they are no longer actively in my life. I miss them. The birthdays I remember, the special dates, the little things that I remember.. its weird. 
Maybe its because Christmas is coming, 11 weeks i think, and my plans for Christmas have fallen through, and in some way I am glad and saddened by that.

oh dear heavens its been a while. can i have a spanking? rofl
id ditched a hobbie.. it will now give me more to post and be chitty again, be more available again. :)
hmm new lj features, interesting.. 

things im doing right this minute include;
charging my ipod
drying my hair
yay multi tasking.. hurray me! :D


For me this year, its not about new years resolutions. Its about a monthly thing...
For each month in 2007, I will be picking something that I would like to do, trying to avoid ground breaking achievements, without setting myself up for failure.
Besides, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step... I'll start small.

New year's resolutions from my perspective seems to be more about conformity and less about actual goals marked by achievements.
New year has a funny way about itself. if you dont stick to the resolutions, its easily fobbed off, as eh ive screwed up, sod the rest of the year, ill do better in 2008. Maybe this way I can still keep smiling even if things dont work out one month.

Once I've done my thing, I will reflect on it, acknowledge what I've done, what I have achieved and I'll give myself the praise that I easily overlook in light of negative praise.

ps. im still alive, sorry for the lack of updates. spank me? ;)

This is fantastic: ~



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