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October 2009
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emilss [userpic]
HMV and their scam of a service.

My email to HMV for their shocking service.

I am incredibly disappointed with the service I have just received from HMV Customer Service department and furious.
I purchase the Wii Fit online on the 01/08/2008 and paid for RMSD postage.
I appreciate that stock moves quickly and that orders can not be dispatched when this occurs and honestly I do not mind.
I received two emails from customer service that gave me updates against my order and the options I had available. I found this extremely helpful.

On 08/08/08 I received another email to advise that the item was now in stock and has been dispatched, expected delivery was Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th. This was super news if it had arrived.
It is now Thursday 14th and I have yet to receive the order. As instructed on the website I would need to contact HMV Customer Services. I have done just that and I am extremely appalled by the assistance given to me.

I was first advised that I would need to wait 14 days for the order. I made it clear that I paid for Special Delivery and 14 days was not acceptable by any means.
I was then advised that the postage I paid has been REFUNDED because the delivery did not arrive by the time specified however when I asked for the tracking number I was told there was none.
On top of this the audacity of the department to advise that I should contact Royal Mail sorting office directly to query where the parcel is, is disgusting service. After 14 days should the parcel still not arrive and should the sorting office not have the parcel I should then contact HMV again. I chose this delivery for a reason.

Firstly I am appalled that my order was not set up for track and trace as I paid for that delivery for a reason. In particular I do not trust Royal Mail and find their service poor as often my packages go missing I paid the over priced special delivery for this specific reason to then be told it was not tracked in the first place, and whilst I have my money back it does not absolve HMV's responsibility in this matter. I would rather HMV keep the money and sort this mess out.
To then chase Royal Mail myself and then call HMV in 14 days if the order does not arrive is hardly service. This is not good enough.

The service I have received is appalling and I fail to see how satisfied this would make any customer.

Can someone please tell me what has happened to my order?
It is not my responsibility to contact Royal Mail directly.


good for you!! that is absolutely abysmal service, and you shouldnt have to tolerate it. i dont care if they gave you a refund or not -- unless you are on their payroll, this is THEIR mess to sort out. you shouldnt have to waste any more of your time or energy trying to correct their ineptitude! *roar*

let me know how it goes...this sort of thing riles me. i will help you compose emails (not that i got the impression from that one that you need assistance) should you want.

love you!