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emilss [userpic]
What do you want out of a partner?

There was a thread on Cosmo that i loved reading. Called the what do you want out of a partner! Tell me yours ? :D

Lets see then..
I would like a guy who
- doesnt mind doing something unusual sometimes, who likes a bit of change of scenary sometimes.
- doesnt have facial hair. A bit of stuble is ok but no beard thank you.
- doesnt go boozing often including the use of drugs. 
- is willing to have a conversation. Granted I dont want to discuss things to death but some intelligent conversation would be nice.   
- is honest, patient and kind. 
- can make me laugh
- is confident in themselves
- is willing to share their life with me
- doesnt mind my singing :o

Current Music: Television - Girlfriends


i love beards so much holy crap. i think i am joking with chris when i tell him i won't see 'im without a beard.. but sometimes i dunno. haha... i think i'd still love him. it would definately be harder though ;3

LMAO!!! lucky for him you would still love him EVEN after a full shave!